Young Cleaners

Why ?

Spot Clean Only

A beautiful gown may not lend itself to any form of routine cleaning process.


An experienced professional will have the the tools and technique to restore your gown.


When we ask you to sign a release, it will be after we have fully explained the risks and the procedures.


Rest assured Young Cleaners has done it before and we will do it again, for YOU.



"Crushed Ice"- This is simply glitter that has been glued onto the surface of the fabric in a pattern.  This is attractive but very easy to damage, even while wearing



"Bugle Beads"- These are small glass rods in legths of about 1/2 inch.  They are sewn onto the garment in a decretive pattern....but ...usually there are multiple beads on each strand of thread.  If the thread is broken  or  cut by the edge of the rod, many beads are lost


"Fish Scale Sequins"- These are flat or concave pieces of plastic that are dyed or painted to match the garment but also catch the light.  Very attractive on evening wear...but.. the surface coating is easily removed by wear (underarms) or liquids like perfume, body lotion, or deodorant.



"Feathers"-  While feathers make a fashion statement, feathers do not respond well to immursion and mechanical action.





Some dyes are very appealing but can not withstand immursion in either water or drycleaning.  Non-immursion sot cleaning is the only method available to clean the garment.

Young Cleaners is your Spot Cleaning Specialist